drink one's fill

drink as much as one desires

English contemporary dictionary. 2014.

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  • fill — [fil] vt. [ME fillen, fullen < OE fyllan < Gmc * fulljan, to make full < * fulla (> Goth fulls, FULL1) + jan, caus. suffix] 1. a) to put as much as possible into; make full b) to put a considerable quantity of something into [to fill… …   English World dictionary

  • fill — I n. what is necessary to satisfy to drink; eat; have one s fill II v. 1) (D; tr.) to fill to (the auditorium was filled to capacity; to fill to overflowing) 2) (D; intr., tr.) to fill with (the lecture hall filled with people; to fill a hole… …   Combinatory dictionary

  • fill — /fɪl / (say fil) verb (t) 1. to make full; put as much as can be held into. 2. to occupy to the full capacity: water filled the basin; the crowd filled the hall. 3. to supply to fullness or plentifully: to fill a house with furniture; to fill the …   Australian English dictionary

  • drink — /dringk/, v., drank or (Nonstandard) drunk, drunk or, often, drank, drinking; n. v.i. 1. to take water or other liquid into the mouth and swallow it; imbibe. 2. to imbibe alcoholic drinks, esp. habitually or to excess; tipple: He never drinks.… …   Universalium

  • fill — 1 /fIl/ verb 1 MAKE STH FULL a) also fill up (T) to put the right amount of a liquid, substance, or material into a container, or put in enough to make it full: I filled a saucepan and put it on the stove. | You ve filled the bath too full. |… …   Longman dictionary of contemporary English

  • fill — fill1 W1S1 [fıl] v ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 1¦(become/make full)¦ 2¦(large thing/number)¦ 3¦(sound/smell/light)¦ 4¦(emotions)¦ 5¦(provide something)¦ 6¦(spend time)¦ 7¦(perform a job)¦ 8¦(crack/hole)¦ 9 fill yourself (up)/fill your face …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • fill — fɪl n. satisfying amount of food or drink; amount needed to fill a receptacle; something used to fill; something which fills v. put in until full; supply with as much as is needed; satisfy, satiate (one s appetite); put a filling in a dental… …   English contemporary dictionary

  • Soft drink — A glass of cola A soft drink (also called soda, pop, coke,[1] soda pop, fizzy drink, tonic, or carbonated beverage) is a non alcoholic beverage that typically contains water (often, but not always carbonated water), a sweetener, and a …   Wikipedia

  • List of Middle-earth food and drink — The following list of Middle earth food and drink includes all fictional items of food and drink featured in J. R. R. Tolkien s fantasy writings. Contents 1 Foods 1.1 Cram 1.2 Petty dwarf roots 1.3 Honey …   Wikipedia

  • Backdraft (drink) — WPMIXInfobox iba = source = sourcelink = name = Backdraft caption = type = cocktail flaming = yes sambuca = yes cointreau = yes served = straight garnish = cinnamon drinkware = shot ingredients = * Grand Marnier * Drambuie * Cinnamon * Ice prep …   Wikipedia

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